Parent Time

As part of my teaching philosophy, I firmly believe that parents are the first and primary educators of their children.  That said, I think that it is crucial for me, as a teacher, to foster an ongoing conversation and relationship with you, the parents.  To help me with this goal, I have provided below a schedule of times in which I strongly welcome you (the parents) to come and visit me for 10-15 minutes right after school, in which we can talk privately and individually about your child.  Although these meetings are not obligatory on your part, I feel that meeting with you will help me become a better teacher for your child.

I would like to continue these meetings with you over the course of the entire academic year.  Since there are 20 students in the class (and hence 20 sets of parents), I hope to be able to meet with each of you approximately once a month.

Below is posted a tentative schedule for you to come and meet with me after school.  I will keep this list updated and extend it to include more meeting dates as time moves on.  I may have to adjust the times, as I do have other obligations like coaching soccer and basketball.  Please check the schedule regularly to ensure that you don’t come at a time at which I am unavailable!

If you cannot make it for the particular time slot I have scheduled for you, and would still like to meet with me, please make arrangements with another parent to switch days with them.  It would make it easier for me if I did not have to do all the rescheduling myself.  Thank you for your consideration!

Second Meeting:


Parents of…


 Friday, Nov. 25 Ariel 3:05-3:20pm
 Friday, Dec. 9 Kaylee 3:05-3:20pm
Nikolas 3:05-3:20pm
 Monday, Dec. 12 Michael 3:05-3:20pm
 Tuesday, Dec. 13 Ariana 3:05-3:20pm
Emily 3:05-3:20pm
Enrique 3:05-3:20pm
Alessandra 3:05-3:20pm
Samantha 3:05-3:20pm
Simon 3:05-3:20pm
Hazel 3:05-3:20pm
 Monday, Nov. 28 Alexandra 3:05-3:20pm
Jaya 3:05-3:20pm
Faith 3:05-3:20pm
 Thursday, Dec. 1 Andrew 3:05-3:20pm
 Thursday, Dec. 8 Isabella 3:05-3:20pm
Antonio 3:05-3:20pm
Trinity 3:05-3:20pm
 Tuesday, Dec. 6 Daniella 3:05-3:20pm
Alana 3:05-3:20pm